Sep 18, 2006

The Angrez

“The Angrez”, directed by Kuntaa Nikkil is a side-splitting comedy that shows in just two hours, what Hyderabad is all about.

The movie begins with a pair of NRIs coming to Hyderabad to join a software company as vice-presidents. They set off to do some sightseeing, and in a tiny café near Charminar where they stop for Irani Chai, they spot Ismail Bhai and his sidekicks at the next table. Fascinated by this quintessential Hyderabadi gang, one of the NRIs takes a photograph of them, without their permission. A scuffle follows, ending in the “angrezaan” tearing Ismail Bhai’s kurta while trying to snatch away their camera from him. Ismail and co. vow to teach the “Angrez” a lesson.

With Salim pheku declaring “Aaj un angrezon se badla lenaich hai, Ismail bhai ke amma ki kasam” and leading Operation “Angrezon Se Badla”, a local gang trying to kidnap the NRIs for a hefty ransom (in “dollaraan”) and a love story thrown in, the movie is a scream! The dialogues are true-blue Hyderabadi and the cast is absolutely true to type, with the old city gang straight out of the alleys around Charminar, and the cell phone toting, shorts-clad, mineral water waving NRIs. The movie is a must-watch for all Hyderabadis.


  1. Aakhri picture hai baap!

  2. Aditya6:48 PM

    Oh my God, I really was in splits after watching this movie. And I showed it to many of my non Hyderabadi friends so that they'll know what the true Hyderabadi language is!!!

    Yeh post daalne keliye haathaan jodke hum salam bolta hai memsaab! :P