Feb 2, 2008

On Opposite Banks Of The River Musi

Osmania General Hospital
Andhra Pradesh High Court


  1. the photograph in the header is quite striking!

    and with a little bit of more contrast, I'm sure the hospital one would come out quite nicely too.

    ... just browsing by

  2. Hi arfi
    Thank you! The photograph in the header is by my dad...He is just amazing
    I took the hospital picture from the other side, i.e. the high court side of the river...I'll go to the hospital side one of these days and try to get a better picture!

  3. nice architecture..

  4. how about trying out sepia on a similar snap..

  5. hi madhu

    nice photography

    well i 2 love photography bt i experimented on myself only

    by seeing ur pics the way u described hyderabad is really fabulous

    gud going

    rock on