Dec 21, 2008

Necklace Road

When you look at this road from the Tank Bund, the lights on it make it look like a necklace. It curves around the Hussain Sagar lake, and is among the most popular hangouts in the city. The Prasads multiplex that houses the famous IMAX screen, Eat Street, NTR gardens and Lumbini Park are all on this street. It's also a truly lovely street to walk along early in the morning, and is very popular among the morning walkers of the city. The lake shimmering like silver under the morning sun, the Buddha statue standing proudly in the water, exotic birds, clean, tiled pavements, rows of trees, and bushes full of flowers also make this a delightful place for those who like taking photographs :)

I went there yesterday - it was a beautiful, cold & foggy morning. Some pictures I took:


  1. awesome light and captures. you should click more often!

  2. A beautiful place it is !!! and the pictures are even more beautiful. Well done.

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  3. Eye for India, thanks a ton :) I do click often, I spend all my weekends and holidays taking pictures :)

    Alok, thank you :) I tried to do that, but it doesn't work - I don't know why :(

  4. Hey! did you try editing the HTML code? just check your other post and modify it accordingly.