Mar 27, 2009

Hidden Treasures

Edited to add: This is the Shaikpet Sarai.

Hyderabad is full of hidden treasures. A couple of months ago, I went to Sheikpet, to take these photos. While walking about the area, we found this old and rather dilapidated building. I know nothing about the building, except that it is gorgeous. Whether it is a mosque or a tomb or a memorial , I couldn't really make out. The main structure, the passages and arches around it and the long stone walls forming a boundary are absolutely lovely.

The place was totally deserted and the grounds around it were badly littered with junk food wrappers and empty beer bottles.

I'm dying to know more about the building. Somebody must have lovingly built it, brick by brick, centuries ago. I will definitely go back there to see if I can find out more about it. But in the meanwhile, if anybody knows, please do tell me! :)


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    It is a beautiful building and it is sad that it is a litter-ground now.

  2. More please! love the last image, best

  3. I never been to Hyderabad. You are giving a glimpse of it...Lovely foto..:) BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook

  4. Hi Madhu,
    I love all ur posts,i am proud to be a hyderabadi,and your posts make even more prouder,thanks.

    have you been to two minar,located in Hayathnagar,Vijayawada National high way 16kms(approx) from koti.sure you would love.

  5. Hi Aditi! Yeah, it's really sad

    SloganMurugan, thanks a ton! Will post more, soon :)

    Megha, thanks you! On my way to your blog :)

    Padma, thank you so much! I'm glad you like my posts :) No I haven't been to two minar...I'm putting it on my To Do list right now :) THank you :)

  6. wow; what snaps!! amazing camera work!! keep it up!! nice place

  7. beautiful photos. Especially the last one. good work!

  8. Beautiful photos and amazing work of photography. :-) Above all thanks for sharing!

  9. the city does not get enough credit as it should ... and no body mentions about the beautiful women "inn" the burkah ...

  10. Hi i am srikanth basically i am
    hyderabadi all my ancesters from
    this place only,when ever i see
    any historical monument in hyderabad
    i feel very bad because almost
    all of them are in very bad position
    i want to do something for them to
    restore their old bueaty.can i join
    i your group.

  11. nice pics.i think dats shaikpet sarai that u saw there.

    1. Yes Razzaq - I was browsing through the book Heritage Capital Hyderabad and when I came to the section on Sheiket Sarai, I was like whoa, I've seen this :)

  12. Oh.I will visit it hopefully when i come back to hyderabad sometime soon.Can you please let me know the details about that book?

  13. Anonymous12:42 PM

    They're restoring this place now. Finally!

  14. Anonymous5:02 AM

    If i'm not wrong this is the picture of place which come after dargah(comes after shaikpet) before dhaba and thank u for this article u have initiated....even i'm curious to know about that place

  15. "Northeast of Golconda Fort is a mosque and travelers’ lodge constructed in 1678 or 1679. The mosque is built on an oblong platform of 121 feet measured east to west and 78 feet measured north to south, with a plinth three feet above the ground. Constructed in 1633 or 1634, or, possibly, 1678 or 1679, this mosque’s tall minarets are visible for miles. The prayer hall measures 37 feet, 6 inches long and 23 feet, 6 inches deep. The façade has three arches, each 15 feet high and 10 feet wide. The roof is supported by three shallow domes. Six panels of inscriptions adorn the Qibla wall. The Saray is a double story row of rooms on both floors. It is reported that the upper story was in poor condition in 2008. Built of stone, the arched entrance is in the middle of the building. The high ceiling of the stable in the Saray indicates that the builder took into account the height of the camels as well"
    Courtesy: A guide to architecture in hyderabad, deccan, india by Omar Khalidi

  16. The Sarai is now painted garishly white. It is now being used a place for people to live in. I thought of going in today but then I did not.