Jul 20, 2009

So much to see :)

The view from the top of Charminar makes the climb up the 
steep, dark, narrow circular staircase totally worth it :)


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  2. Imagine how the view would have been during those days. It was the tallest structure when it was built : )

  3. dear madhu , I have been a non resident of Hyderabad , the city I was born and brought up. Everytime I visit your blog , Im in awe of the beautiful things of this beautiful city. You have reminded me of the great memories of the city that i treasure the most. Thank you for being so passionate about hyderabad and showing it to us in breath taking pictures dear fellow gemini !

  4. Absolutely worth it! Especially late evenings - around 8 pm...

  5. OSAI Chella - what's BlogChai??

    Hey Krish! Good to see you here :) It must've been really awesome when it was built :) It still is :)

    Awwww thank you so much, Dee!

    aandthirtyeights, the view must be beautiful at night, but unfortunately, they don't allow you up after 5:30 PM :)

  6. proud to know about you and your work, keep it up