Nov 5, 2009

In the alleys around Charminar...

If you have a fondness for street photography, the alleys and bylanes around Charminar are THE place to head to. I love going there with my camera, finding a nice spot with a view of the crowd, and Charminar in the backdrop, and taking candid shots. This area is very close to my heart because I think it beautifully captures the essence of Hyderabad. This is the real thing - the heart and soul.

Here are some pictures I've shot during my several photowalks to Laad Bazaar, the bangle market near Charminar:


  1. beautiful!
    I wish that you had treated all the pictures in a similar way though.

  2. The second picture is neat. Great feel to it.

  3. Love your pictures. Hyderabad is where I went to School (Rosary Convent) as a kid. It seems so far away right now from SFO-USA. But your pictures brought back lovely memories. Whenever a wedding was planned, the first place people went to was Laad Bazaar. I was there a couple of years back to buy 'choodi ka jodaas' as give away gifts at my daughters wedding.

  4. Beautiful pictures indeed.Thanks Madhu Gopalan for sharing.Wish you all the best.

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  5. Thank you SloganMurugan! I actually shot and processed these images at different times, that's why the difference...And I was too lazy to re-process them similarly :D

    Thank you Anil :)

    Introspection - I'm glad you like the images :) Laad bazaar rocks :) I am planning a photoshoot near your school soon - to cover gunfoundry, st george's church, king kothi palace, etc :) Do you visit Hyd often?

    Thank you mona :)

    avagdro - thank you very much :)

  6. interesting pictures. thanks for sharing.