Apr 28, 2010

Trip Naksha

I often crib about my 9 to 6 job, and dream about dumping it all and doing photography full time. But I doubt if I will ever work up the courage to do it. I do, however, have a good friend, who dared to take the road less travelled. Meet Hyderabad based Ajay Reddy, an ex-techie, who quit his comfortable and stable job 2 years ago, to become an entrepreneur.

Among other things, Ajay created TripNaksha, a website which aims to make adventure travel in India easy. It is a one stop shop for all things adventure - map routes, reviews, information and listings of hiking, trekking, running, biking and cycling trails.

You can map trails of your own, plan trips,  get updates on organized trips, review trips you have been on and gear you have used, and connect and share tips and tricks with other adventure enthusiasts.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and TripNaksha too, Ajay says, started with a problem :

"When I came back to India after a stint abroad, I was looking to find places to go to - not touristy but a little offbeat and a little adventurous. I was also looking for ideas to go on treks or on short day trips on my motorcycle.  There is always information - either too much or too little. I surmised that there should be so many other folks who are having this very same problem. Wouldn't it be nice to have one single place where you could get information focussed on adventure travel? Information starting from the routes you could take if you are on your own, trips being organized by professionals on those routes and experiences from other travelers who had been there before. I thought I could build such a place on the internet where all this information could be built upon by an active participative community and started TripNaksha."

Ajay's future plans include making TripNaksha available on mobile phones, so you can get all the information you need, on the go.

Ajay isn't about TripNaksha alone - you'll be amazed to hear about  his next big trip - he and a friend are going hitchhiking in the North Eastern states of India, to capture the essence of the region, in the local music. Sounds simple enough? Here's the catch - they will spend no more than Rs 150 a day! Follow their preparations for the big trip, and the trip as it unfolds, on their website Hitchhiking in India.

You can follow Ajay on Twitter here, and this is TripNaksha's page on Facebook.


  1. Very interesting...and I admire people who follow their heart....wish I build the courage to do it too....

  2. Hi Madhu,

    Chanced upon your blog just today. Being a born , brought up, and ageing Hyderabadi I m so glad to find this blog of u r s :).

    I couldnt agree more with you regarding treading the path less taken. Wish I could.

    Aiseeich mast tasveeran kheenchte rehnaa :D