Jun 7, 2010

Monday Snapshot - Blue | Green

A colourful wall of a house in Dabirpura :)


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Simple. Nice

  2. I adore this photo, Madhu! Love, love, love window shots and the colors and lighting on this one are so rich. Thanks for stopping by! – g

  3. This is one of the most stunning photos I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anon - thank you :)

    Georgianna - thank you so much :) Hyderabad is full of colorful walls, windows and doors :)

    Thanks a ton Megha :)

    Preoccupied - thank you very much :)

  5. Madhu,
    You do such an awesome job with your pictures! I just stumbled on your blog a few minutes ago...
    Like you I am from Hyderabad, grew up went to college and huge family at home.
    I know exactly which places you are referring to. Did you try visiting the Shamirpet area when the GulMohrs are in full bloom, its divine!
    (PS: Should I have emailed you instead of this long comment?)

  6. KSC - thank you so much for the visit and comment - you are most welcome to leave long comments here or email - totally your choice :) I've never been to the Shamirpet lake - I hear it is lovely - I need to plan to go soon :)

  7. I am completely spaced out about how I landed on this page, all because I am overcome by the genuineness of the feelings expressed in your blog and the beauty of your photos.

    Take it from a fellow Hyderabadi that enough justice hasn't been done when it comes to showcasing the beauty of our city and its people. You are making the much needed difference.

    Please do visit Murgi Chowk whenever you can, it will be worth your while.


  8. Qadeer - thank you so very much - your comment brought such a huge smile to my face :) You're so right - there is such a strong need to wake up and see the treasures we have in hyderabad, and showcase them to the world. People need to know that we are so much more than software, hot summers and the political disturbances we've been having lately.