Jul 19, 2010

Hyderabad Theater and Short Film Festival - 2010

The Hyderabad Theater and Short Film festival begins today, in Ravindra Bharati. Here's the schedule:

19th July, Monday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Play) Dario Fo’s Can’t pay won’t pay by Dramanon

20th July, Tuesday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Play) Arthur Miller’s The Crucible by Ingenium Dramatics

21st July, Wednesday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Short-Films) Gandhi without sticks by Lohith, Grace by Sampada Harkara, Bisleri Bottle by Sri Chand followed by (Play) Sense by Sifar

22nd July, Thursday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Play) Badal Sarkar’s Saari Raath by Udaan

23rd July, Friday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Play) Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot by Nishumbita

24th July, Saturday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Short-Films) Rahul Calling by A. Vinod,  Broken by C. Neehar Reddy, A Home for Lakshmi by R K Shenoy followed by (Play) Jumpa Lahari’s Temporary Matters by Expressionz

25th July, Sunday, 2010. 7.30pm: (Play) Aristophane’s Lysistrata by Four Quartets

Since I am shameless, I can't help bragging and telling the world - MY LITTLE SIS IS ACTING IN THE CRUCIBLE! This is their Facebook page.

If you are in Hyderabad this week, try and make it to the festival. It will be worth your time. Tickets for all shows are available at the venue.

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