Aug 17, 2010

Jham Singh Balaji Mahadev Temple

It is true that the nearer the God, the farther is the faith. There is a temple over 200 years old right in the very neighborhood I grew up in, and it has taken me almost four years to blog about it!

The Jham Singh temple in Gudimalkapur, Mehdipatnam, has a very interesting story behind it. Jham Singh, a Rajput soldier from UP, was a commander in the army of Sikandar Jah, the third Nizam of Hyderabad. Since he loved horses and had the gift of being able to pick the best ones, the Nizam put him in charge of purchasing horses for his army. 

It is said that he yielded to temptation and used some of the money  meant for buying horses, to build a temple - the Jham Singh Balaji Mahadev temple. When the Nizam heard of this, he was furious and nearly sent him to the gallows. It was only when his Prime Minister Raja Chandulal intervened, that he relented and ordered Jham Singh to build a mosque beside the temple, instead. That was how the Jham Singh mosque, also a protected monument, came into existence. I'll post some images of the mosque in a day or two.

While the main deity in the temple is Lord Balaji (Vishnu), there is also a Lord Mahadeva (Shiva) shrine beside it. Right outside the temple is its exquisite naqarkhana, a place for drum beaters. To be honest, I found the naqarkhana with its aged walls more beautiful than the brightly painted temple, that almost looks new :)
The temple
The naqarkhana


  1. Me too @Naqar Khana..seems like everything old has more character.

    Been contemplating about visiting this one for a while. You beat me to it! :P

  2. lol Lakshmi - this temple is at a walking distance from my house - i pass it so often, but have been to lazy to go and shoot :))

  3. Hey Madhu,
    Some awesome posts:)
    Isn't it incredible how we miss so much history around us.
    Do you know the Secunderabad cantonment area? There are some exquisite bungalows constructed by the British army. We had the fortune of being one of the last residents there. Most of those now house our current armed forces establishments, but the charm remains.
    Lemme know if you are ever interested my dad,(a retd Colonel) would gladly give you an insiders tour!

  4. Love this post! Like a history lesson with the most awesome pictures! Wish they taught us like this in school - would have remembered a whole lot more ;)

    p.s. am working on sending you those pictures. will send them by next week hopefully.

  5. Ksc - Thank you sooo much! I haven't shot in Secunderabad much...I would be absolutely delighted if your dad can give me an insider's tour - thank you so much for your generous offer! Can I email you?

    Hey Zainab! Thanks a ton - I'm so eager to see the pics - thanks :)