Sep 2, 2010

Asman Jah Devdi

Erratum : What I had written in my previous post about the origin of the Pathargatti market wasn't correct. The shops of Pathargatti are not a part of the antechambers of the Qutb Shahi palaces. They were built during the Asaf Jahi rule, by the City Improvement Board. I am sorry about the confusion - I have removed the incorrect parts from that post.

Today I want to share a couple of images of another devdi I visited recently. When I shot these images, I actually didn't know whose devdi it was :)

It is very close to the devdi of Paigah noble Sir Khursheed Jah Bahadur, and is the devdi of another Paigah noble, Nawab Asman Jah Bahadur. The grandson of the third Nizam and the son-in-law of the fourth, he served as co-regent to Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan (who became the Nizam when he was just a little child), and then as the Prime Minister of the state of Hyderabad.

An admirer of all things English, he built his devdi in a very European style. But very little remains of it today - only the main entrance, a part of the outer wall and an abdarkhana across the road. An abdarkhana was essentially a structure used to store water.
What remains of the devdi
The abdarkhana


  1. I love the way old buildings find new identities (the abdarkhana now houses a school i think), and need to change with time as much as we do. what saddens me is what legacy we are leaving our future generations - architecturally at least. will anyone ever want to photograph the ruins of yet another high-rise? i doubt it.

  2. Now i remember when did i see this structure :) i saw this as part of Charminar heritage walk which starts at Charminar and ends at Chowmahalla.

    One interesting fact about the top structure is that - if you can clearly observe its forehead there will be 'Sun' emblem and it is said only the eldest son of the family can use this emblem :)

    During those days that entire street used to have exactly same kind of buildings on either side of the road and u can identify the eldest using this emblem :)

  3. i wonder if there people who have "preservation and restoration skills" in the country. i have heard that a shabby job has been done at the elephanta caves -