Oct 14, 2010

A little bit of randomness...

Taking a break from all the building shots I've been sharing, here's a picture of Hyderabadi Bagarey Tamatar that I made all by myself: 
I'm a complete novice at cooking, and don't even enjoy it much, so I was thrilled that it came out tasting quite nice :) While this is a very simple recipe that I got from a book, do check out Zaiqa, a beautiful food blog by Mona, where you can learn to cook some awesome Hyderabadi dishes.
A photo that I shot in Shilparamam long ago during the annual arts and crafts festival there, was published in the October issue of Jade magazine - the Buddha image (only image, not text) on the right is mine:
I ran into this very sweet boy at the Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini Dargah. He saw me with my camera and said didi, mera bhi photo liyo na :) And after I shot the picture, he said mera photo sambhalke rakho, so I HAD to post it :)


  1. Congratulations on ur pic in the Magazine, its beautiful as usual and the memories/experiences u share with each pic is a very good read :)

  2. Wow, your pic appeared in the magazine..really cool..and the boy is really cute...the whole post put together is nice :)

  3. Thank you so much Arcot and Sophia :)

  4. really its tooooooooo nice u all of u said is every thing ryt.

  5. Hi i dont know how i came across this blog i was just searching for hyderabad on internet Thank you for all this pictures i saw it is a great collection of the place i born grown up ,
    the amazing pic of kid in Shah Raju Khattal Dargah ,i request you to publish some beautiful pic of Shah raju khattal , Thank you so much Madhu ,you have took me to my childhood memories