Nov 7, 2010


We went on a one-day road trip to Bidar during the long Diwali weekend. Bidar, the seat of the Bahmani dynasty and later the Barid Shahi Dynasty, is a town in northern Karnataka, about 140 kms from Hyderabad. I'll share some pictures I shot there soon, but now I want to share some images from a small town on the road from Hyderabad to Bidar - Zaheerabad.

Zaheerabad was named after Nawab Zaheer Yar Jung Bahadur, the oldest son of Sir Asman Jah Bahadur, from Hyderabad's Paigah family.So I thought it was appropriate to post about it on this blog :) While driving past Zaheerabad, we saw these interesting ruins right on the highway
I have no clue what these are, or who built them. I asked some locals but all they knew was that they were built a very long time ago, and housed some sort of a market. But they looked more like a residence to me. If you know what they are, do tell us!


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    How intriguing - unfortunately have no idea what these are, so this comment will be little help :) Pls post lots of details of your trip to Bidar - so that maybe one day I could go there too!

  2. lol Zainab - thanks :) I will definitely post about the Bidar trip. It's an extremely charming and quaint town with gorgeous ruins. I absolutely loved it :)

  3. Uzramma3:28 AM

    Next time you go to Bidar, or before you go, take a look at the wonderful book about it by H K Sherwani... now unfortunately out of print [I have a copy somewhere]...

    Enjoying your pictures..

  4. Uzramma - thank you very much :) Actually I did read a part of the book before going - it's a fabulous book :)I'm yet to finish it, but I also used it as reference for my post on Bidar on my other blog.

  5. I have seen this place too... whenever I go towards Zaheerabad. It is a beautiful ruin and always think of getting down and clicking some pix... and lo behold! the job is done.

    Lovely works. Maybe I will enquire about these ruins the next time I go.

  6. Anonymous4:21 AM

    thanks for writing about my home town ZAHEERABAD......i'm sai prasad.....guess wat staying in zaheerabad i never wondered d origin of d name..but now i think i know it....hope u'll find out the histroy behind the RUINS....

  7. Anonymous1:03 AM

    they were built by turkish dynayty who had come from OTMAN/OSMAN, osmania or house of turks starting with adil shah..mediaval india, when islamic army was marching here..most of the indian muslims are of turkish need to refer to some books on this also..

  8. Ishrath - they are really beautiful ruins - a little messy, but totally worth checking out :)

    Anon1 - wow, that's awesome - your town is very pretty :)

    Anon2 - Thanks for sharing, but I was looking for more specific info :)

  9. this place is ranjhole...built 400years ago....ppl here were leather merchants etc.....v did a study here just recently for our architectural documentation....