Jan 2, 2011

Paigah Tombs Revisited

I wish you all a very happy 2011!  May all your dreams come true this year :)

For my first post of 2011 on this blog, I picked one of my favourite places in Hyderabad, the Paigah Tombs. I've posted about them before here. These tombs where the Paigah nobles of Hyderabad lie buried, are exquisite structures in marble and lime, so profusely decorated with stucco work, that you need to go more than just once  to really notice all the fine details. 

Some images from my latest visit there:


  1. Simply love :) Keep the posts coming. And happy new year :)

  2. like your new header. it's been ages since i visited the paigah tombs. should chalk it up for this year.

  3. Beautiful pictures madhu. I liked the first one and the jali work one the most. No actually i liked everything :)

    You should soon print a coffee table book :)

    lol totally random word verification was (hYd)rate

  4. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Your readers all know that you are brilliant with your camera and editing.
    Do more. Add research to give some meaning to your photographs. The charm will be lost soon. As DSLR's are getting cheaper and everyone can click pictures like this. "Be different"
    Start off by writing a meaningful sentence about the picture for heaven sake.

  5. Thanks a ton Zainab. You have a great year too :)

    Thank you Aditya!

    Awww thank you so much Sharanya :) That word verification thingee can be freaky sometimes :)

    Anonymous - One thing I do appreciate is that you have great expectations from me :P I do research the topics I post about, but its adequacy is constrained by information availability. Obviously, I can't cook up stories to make my posts more verbose for people like you. As for "meaningful sentences" - maybe you could leave a link to your blog so I can see and learn? About newbies with DSLRs - this is not a competition - more the merrier.

  6. Happy New Year to you!
    And it started off so well! :-)
    The other beautiful jaali work would be at Humayun's Tomb

  7. Lovely photos Madhu! The perfect way to kick-start the first Monday of the year. :)

  8. well said, madhu! i, for one, never cease to be amazed by the beauty of your pictures

  9. Wonderful pics! I really admire the beauty of your shots!

  10. Once again, great pics.

    One suggestion - why don't you start a tumblr blog (tumblr.com) you can get a great exposure from it's reblog feature.

    Check out http://allthingseurope.tumblr.com/

    All the Best and have a great year ahead.

  11. They are just gorgeous beyond words -- both the craftmanship and your pictures! I'd been in Hyderabad a few weeks ago and visited Qutub Shahi tombs among other things. With the memories and emotions of that visit still at the surface, I appreciate your pictures all the more...

    Having never lived in the city, I do not know half the non-touristy places to visit. I am glad I happened upon your blog -- now I get to add more places to my list to visit next time! :-)

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  13. Stunning! You really take pictures from interesting perspectives...loved the shots!

  14. Hi Madhu,

    I happened to discover your blog through Once Upon a Tea Time and was enchanted to discover your Hyderabad photographs.

    I visited Hyderabad eleven years ago and the memories are a little hazy (I do remember the climb to Golconda Fort, rather vividly though!) However, I happen to be currently reading a novel set in pre-Independent Hyderabad, Zohra so it's nice to create a physical setting for it although the book was understandably set in a different era.

    I especially loved the layered images of the arches (almost like looking into mirrors reflecting one another) with the added interplay of the children, of course.

    Look forward to seeing more Hyderabad images!

  15. Nice Posts Madhu Gopalan and Awesome Photography. Good work Keep it up..

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  17. The Paigah Tombs are on my agenda to visit.

  18. Thank you all SO much! I'm so sorry for the delayed response!

  19. Having visited them I now know what a delight it is, to have been there! I'd love to revisit some time too...soon I hope! :-)
    A couple of these pics--the first one, and the jaali pic--happen to be so identical to the ones I took! Esp the first one! Some #coincidence indeed! :-)

    Meanwhile, keep it coming! :-)