Aug 13, 2011

Hands at Work

It's so much fun to watch people doing their jobs - especially when their jobs involve creating beauty with their hands. Here is a series of photos I've shot over time, in and around Hyderabad, of hands at work. Obviously, it is a work in progress like any other collection.
Lac bangle maker, Mitti Ka Sher
Waraq maker, Shah Ali Banda
Paan maker, Shah Ali Banda
Flower seller, Jambagh Market
Cloth dyer, Pathergatti
Embroidery artist, Mangalhaat
Bidri craftsman, Bidar


  1. Awesome pix Madhu. You make me see my city in a new light - thank you!
    Have fwded your blog URL to many friends.
    Also love the story of how you met your husband :)

  2. Loved the theme and the pictures.

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Hi Madhu,
    I came to your blog from Vineeta nair's Artnlight blog.
    For me your Aadab Hyderbad is mindblowing.
    I can not express my feelings in any words. Your pictures are astounding. I should lesiurely sink in to them.
    Being born, brought up, now away from my lovely place I feel now I'am back there.
    ( I lived in old city)

    Sangeetha Surabhi

  4. Brilliant. You are back after a long time. But, I guess the post was worth the wait :)

  5. All the pictures beautifully communicate the power of hands to craft both the simple and the ornate ...but I especially loved the one of the outstretched palms, the skin dyed and clearly picking out the palm-lines: there was something particularly arresting and symbolic about that image.

  6. Choxbox - thank you SO much - that's so sweet :)

    ? - thank you :)

    Sangeetha - thank you so much! I am so glad the pictures brought back memories of Hyderabad - i work in Chennai right now, so I totally know the feeling :(

    Sophia - thank you so much! Yeah I'm posting after ages - was settling into a new job!

    Priyanka - Thanks a ton! I love the way you put it :)

  7. Sudha1:17 PM

    Hi Madhu,
    I was just going through your blogs and I cannot say enough. It is just so beaaauuutifullll.

    And here is the most exciting part.....I think I know sister was your neighbour (exact opposite house). And I studied in the place where your mom is teaching:)) I saw the madisaar pics and recognized:)

    I might have seen you and your sis as and your hubby look gorgeous. All the very best. And again keep clicking away..I am seeing the beautiful Hyd thru your camera:)

    I have been in the US for 10-12 yrs now:)

  8. The one pair of artsy hands that we cant see here are the photographer's!

  9. Wow, Sudha - that is seriously exciting!! I'll ask my mom if she remembers your sister! And the place she teaches at? I studied there too - that makes me your junior!! Wow :)) Thank you SO much for the visit and comment - do stay in touch :)

    Dinesh - awww thank you :)

  10. Am speechless at these magical pix. madhu you are truly a gifted artist and certainly got an eye for details.

  11. My hands resemble the cloth dyer :-)

  12. Arif - thank you so much! That means a LOT coming from you :)

    Ishrath - lol!

  13. reminded me of Steve Mccurry's work! Brilliant.

    1. Oh my god! I am simultaneously honored and embarrassed! Thank you so much!