Aug 19, 2011

Spanish Mosque

Yeah, you read that right - Spanish Mosque! Without a doubt, the most unusual mosque I have ever seen. If you've been to the old airport in Begumpet, chances are, you've spotted the golden minarets of this little mosque glinting in the sunlight.
This gorgeous example of Moorish architecture in Hyderabad was built in 1906 by the Paigah Nawab Iqbal-ud-Dowla. He is said to have built this, inspired by Spanish architecture after a tour of Europe. 
Check this out if you'd like to read more about the mosque.
Unlike most other mosques, there is no ablution tank
Octagonal pyramid shaped domes on graceful minarets
I wasn't at all happy with the pictures I got - I shot these pics hopping on one foot at a time because I went to the mosque on a scorching day in summer, and the floor felt too hot under my bare feet. I'd love to go back on a rainy day, I bet it'll be divine :)


  1. we need any permission to go inside and take pictures. i thought of capturing this mosque for long but couldnt make it. Good to see that you did : )

  2. No KT - no permission required :) In fact, I've never been asked if I have permission in any mosque :)

  3. :) well then i have to try this time. but anyways women have their own advantage on local photography.

  4. wow. never noticed this mosque. next time i am in town, i am going to as many places as i can - with your blog as the guide!

  5. KT - well, I dont know about that - I think it's mostly the chilled out nature of Hyderabadis that makes it possible. In fact, if you think about it, women arent allowed in many places of worship :)

    Choxbox - lol! have fun :) and do check out this mosque - it's super pretty :)

  6. Anonymous12:52 AM

    So glad to see a post on this blog :) WB

  7. awesome pics as usual.i knew this place for a long time but had some doubts about the permission factor, so didnt visit till now.
    now that you have visited it, i will make my plans soon.

  8. Hey,
    Wonderful pics!
    Never knew about such a mosque. Can you let me know where exactly it is?
    what is the height of the monument?

    I would love to visit some day.


  9. Thank you anonymous :)

    Razzaq Siddiqui - thank you :) Hope you enjoy your visit :)

    Thank you Kuldip - it's opposite to the old airport in Begumpet.

  10. This one is next to my house in begumpet and i usually go here for my daily namaz. Even I had mentioned about it on my blog www.syedaliarif/ Thanx a lot for sharing the wonders of apna hyderabad!

  11. Could you give me the directions as to how to reach the mosque? I shall approach from the Banjara Hills' side. Thanks!

  12. Hi Arif! I just saw your blog - wow, so many lovely posts there - was fun going through them - the mosque post is lovely too:)

    Somdatta - here is the route to the mosque from City Center:

  13. Hey Madhu, What camera do you use?

  14. Anuradha - Nikon D700.

  15. Anonymous1:07 PM

    First off, i absolutely love this blog!!
    just a bit of friendly advice....try shooting this mosque in the soft light of dawn....its just beautiful!