Sep 18, 2011

Aadab Hyderabad is FIVE!

On Friday, Aadab Hyderabad turned 5! F.I.V.E!!!!! 

Thank you all soooo much for your unconditional support,  kind comments, sweet emails and constructive feedback. I want to specially thank all you Hyderabadis living outside Hyderabad, who wrote to me saying that my blog transported you home for a few brief moments - your mails mean SO MUCH to me. And those of you who shared intriguing trivia and tips about so many less-known places in Hyderabad with me - thank you for your generosity:) And of course thank you soooo much dear family and friends who've had the misfortune of being dragged along for photowalks with me :)

This post is dedicated to the people of Hyderabad. Because, like  Shakespeare said, what is the city but the people? 



  1. These photographs are beauutiful, especially since you got all of them smiling for your camera. The first picture is stunning! Congrats on your lovely blog's fifth anniversary :)

  2. Priyankaa Vir9:26 AM

    Congratulations gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations on turning FIVE... Still milestone to achieve. I look forward to the posts of Aadab Hyderabad so eargly...

  4. wow...many many congratulations...i wish you many many more happy returns of the day...
    i cannot find the FOLLOW button on your blog :(

  5. Ambika - Thank you so much :)

    Priyankaa - Thanks a ton :)

    Sophia - thank you very very much :)

    Muhammad - thanks a ton! Please try now - I fixed it :) Sorry for the inconvenience :)

  6. Lovely pictures and Congratulations! :)

  7. Hyderabad's most beautiful blog

  8. Thank you rads :)

    Awww Prashanth thank you so much :)

  9. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Lovely pics..congraats!!! looking forward to more of these "mana Hyderabad" pics...


  10. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Your Snaps was awesome..the first picture and the middle most was extraordinary..hands up..expecing more from you..!!

  11. Sudha and Anon - thank you so much!