Jul 20, 2012

Around Town

I've been gushing on my other blog about how much I'm loving Instagram. It's SO easy and fun, I often ask myself why I must take the trouble of carrying my heavy camera kit everywhere. I've already been spamming the other blog with Instagram pictures, and now I'm going to do it here as well :) Just some pictures I've been clicking around Hyderabad. (My username on Instagram is madhugopalan, in case you want to be subjected to more of my spamming :P)

Clockwise from top left: 
The iconic Charminar, shot from Laad Bazaar. I was there to buy some lace from Kasat Lace Center. I love that shop sooooo much.
An attar shop - don't the bottles look absolutely magical?
Irani Chai in cafe Al-Naaz in Tolichowki 
Rain on my rearview mirror.

Clockwise from top left:
A random photo I clicked while sitting in an auto and waiting. Somewhere near the Yousufain dargah. 
Hot bhuttas for the rainy weather.
A small bangle shop in Laad bazaar. Love the drawing of Charminar on the signboard.
Shilparamam on a wet evening. Have you checked out their night bazaar yet? Most of the shops haven't been set up yet, but what a lovely concept!

Clockwise from top left:
The legendary Famous Ice Cream in Moazzam Jahi market. My current obsession is their Tooty Fruity. Just Rs 110 for a 1 litre pack!
Trinkets in Shilparamam.
Assorted laces in Kasat Lace Center.
A bandi near Charminar that sells gorgeous antique-finish bangles.

PS: I was playing with the layout of my blog, and made a huge mess with the header and alignment and everything. So please bear with my ugly layout until I figure out how to set it right!


  1. this is awesome!

  2. Awesome photos and a fabulous blog. I discovered your blog yesterday and I am hooked. :)

    1. Thank you so much Trishnanta! Welcome to my blog :)