Jul 3, 2012


It's been so long since I posted here, this place has started to look like a dead and abandoned blog. No reason other than sheer laziness. So this silly post, dedicated to the pigeons of the old city, is my attempt to get back to being regular on this blog.
Pigeons near the ablution tank of the grand old Mecca Masjid
 At the Darush-Shifa, the ancient house of cure - India's first in-patient hospital, established in the 16th century. (Post coming up soon)
The sprawling grounds of the Chowmahalla Palace:


  1. Pigeons have never been one of my favorite creatures;) however, they become entirely different - more beautiful, more graceful - in context of your images and the surroundings in which you photograph them in.

    I especially like the shot of the pigeons flying at the Moazzam Jahi Market...

  2. Nice clicks.

    Heart warming to see something about old city.


  3. Liked your post on Jham Singh deval alot!!

    Hope get to see more in that genre.


  4. Beautiful.

    Just got back from Hyd and thanks to you I was looking at many monuments in a different light - despite having been brought there till I left for college!

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Awesome! It's nice to know someone so young has captured Hyderabad in its splendor.

    1. Thank you so much Anon!

    2. Hi Madhu!

      Yea, I'm back to your blog...after long, but yea...
      Loely captures of pigeons! Like poetry, photography too can glorify what's trivia otherwise. :-)

      Well, I also want to say here, that I'm already waiting for your post on Darush-Shifa, that you've promised above. Hope it comes soon! :-)

      And, yea, I took some of my friends along, to the Paigah Tombs this past Sunday...they were all overwhelmed by the grandeur they impose...it rends the heart though, to see the state of dilapidation they are in!

      I still have to do my post on them...sigh! I will...soon I hope!

    3. Hello Sheen, how have you been? Thank you so much! Yes I will post about Darush-shifa asap :) I was talking to my sister about the Paigah tombs just this evening - really sad state they are in.

  6. Hi . . Lovey pics . . Saw children playing with pigeons the other day at the KBR gate . . Have moved to Hyderabad since a while and quite love the place . . Nimesh . .

  7. Madhu,
    I just recently moved to Hyderabad and your pictures are a true inspiration to get to know this beautiful city better!