Jan 22, 2013

An unfinished fort

There's a fort in Hyderabad that's not the Golkonda fort? That too, an abandoned, incomplete one? YES there is!

The 6th Qutb Shahi Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah ordered the construction of a new fort in Saroor Nagar (L.B. Nagar is more accurate, according to my auto driver). While the construction work was in progress, the Sultan died of typhoid, so his son, Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah declared the site inauspicious and had the work stopped. A few ruins of the abandoned fort can still be seen.

PS: Happy New Year! I hope you all have a fantastic 2013 :)
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  1. like the new look! happy new year to you too!

    love the pic! interesting story about the would have been fort!

    however what did u do - ask the auto to stop and take the pic? how did the auto driver know these things? or did you find out else where?

    1. Thanks Pree! I went with an auto guy I know - what I do for most of my photoshoots is this - I first read/research about the monument a bit and find out the general area where it's located. Then I go either with the auto guy or a friend/family member and look for it :) Most of the time google maps give the exact location and it turns out to be very easy :) I don't generally go with random autos because I assume most of them will get annoyed if I make them search for dilapidated old buildings :P

    2. Also, I often just go on aimless photowalks in areas I love and click pictures of anything that looks interesting and end up with pictures of important buildings that I identify later!

  2. Wow! This is great! Though I know quite a bit about Hyderabad's history,I have never come across this bit of info! An unfinished fort in Hyderabad apart from Golconda?? So mysterious and interesting! Thanks for putting up this great post! I will try to visit it the next time I come to Hyderabad.
    And I will put it up as my blog's next post! :-)
    Can you please tell me the exact location?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks Razzaq - yes the idea of a fort besides Golkonda is very interesting :) The actual ruins are not too spectacular - not very big, and they are in the middle of a crowded residential area. The area name mentioned in the list of heritage structures in Hyd is Saroornagar, but we searched and dint find anything there. Then my auto driver said he'd seen some dilapidated walls in L.B. Nagar, so we went there and found it - I am really not sure of the exact location since he drove me there, but it was a lane parallel to the main road and there was a temple close by. Hope this helps!

  3. Ok.Thanks a lot! I will have to do my search now.with your help it will be easy.But with the excitement I wont mind the effort :-)
    by the way, you have a great auto driver there :-)