Jul 6, 2013

Mahboob Chowk to Purana Pul

As an exercise in self-discipline, I decided to post on this blog everyday for a week, starting today. Remember the post about the first stretch of my walk with Anuradha Goyal? I thought I'd begin the week with the rest of the walk - from Mahboob Chowk to Purana Pul, via Hussaini Alam, Hyderabad's oldest neighborhood, where the nobles of the Qutb Shahi and Asaf Jahi courts once lived. The main roads of Hussaini Alam and Karwan are undoubtedly the quaintest parts of Hyderabad. They ooze culture and history, and walking through them is the closest you can get to time travel.

After watching the making of Hyderabadi naan for a few minutes, we walked past the tiny shops of Mahboob Chowk, most of which weren't open yet.

This door was much shorter than me, and I'm not tall at all :)
A little past the chowk and almost into Hussaini Alam, we found a bright yellow math called Sri Alakh Ka Math. We went in to find a tiny temple with an assortment of idols of Gods and Goddesses. 

Chirpy colors on the door to Sri Alakh Ka Math
One of the best things about early morning photowalks is taking pictures of signboards. The colours, the different languages, the typography, the quirky spellings - what's not to love!

Always glad to spot an arch
Multi-lingual signboard
My brain almost short-circuited as I tried to guess what Cycle Taxi could possibly mean. And then I asked my mother and she said it is probably a shop where you can hire bicycles. I think I'll go with that explanation. Yes, it would've made a lot more sense to just go into the shop and ask, since it was open, but my nearly short-circuited brain didn't think of that.

Ali Cycle Taxi
This boy saw me with the camera, put on his jacket hurriedly and asked me to take a picture of him. I'm still quite shy about asking strangers if I can take their picture, so I LOVE it when they come and ask :)

Tawakkal Doodh Ghar
We ran into an old man selling Adrak Murabba - ginger preserved and dried in a syrup of sugar and spices.

Adrak Murabba
Although we didn't eat any of the murabba, we were pretty hungry, so we stopped at a small tiffin center for breakfast.

Hot dosa on the tawa
This is the beautiful dargah of Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri. A structure this gorgeous deserves a post of its own - later this week.

Hazrat Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Dargah
Horse carriages used in wedding processions at night, rest in the morning all along Hussaini Alam.

A bright, shiny chariot
There were carts and carts selling Jamuns, and Anuradha bought some to take home.

Piles of Jamuns
We were now almost at Purana Pul, and we ended the walk with some chai - Irani, of course.

Two people, 3 chais. Obviously one of us drank two. Me.


  1. What a lovely place to go for a photo-walk and as you mentioned, the early morning time offers plenty of opportunities to photograph things at both leisure and which might be hidden during the busier times of the day. I love taking pictures of sign-boards too!

    My personal favorites would have to be the ones of the jamuns and the little jacket-wearing boy:)

    1. Thank you Priyanka! Yeah, mornings are totally the best - that way photowalks need not even stop for the summer :)

  2. Nice pictures! I love when shops are closed

  3. Thank you so much for a great idea and blog. I checked out of my hotel in Hyderabad at 6 am with seven hours to spare. And I simply followed your blog's trail.

    I didn't go up to Purana Pul but ended with heavenly breakfast at Govind Tiffin near Mitti ka Sher.

    Documented on my blog www.rotatingswamy.com.

    Thanks again !