Aug 26, 2013

A sweet story

A corner shop on a busy main road, right opposite to the iconic Moazzam Jahi Market is hardly a hidden gem. And yet, in all these years of being a regular customer at Karachi Bakery and Famous Ice Cream, I had never noticed the hundred year-old Hameedi Confectioners, a small shop with a very sweet story to tell (ooh look, pun!)

Hameedi Confectioners

I wanted to visit it ever since I read about it in this article last month, and I finally went yesterday afternoon. Hameedi Confectioners was set up by Mohammed Hussain from Turkey, the present owner's grandfather, way back during the reign of the last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Asaf Jah VII. The story of how the shop got its name is in the article I have linked, so I'll tell you the summary here. The shop specialized in Jauzi Halwa, made of the spice Jauzi, which I believe is nutmeg (correct me if I am wrong). After hearing about it, the Nizam tasted it, and loved it so much that he wrote to Mohammed Hussain conveying his appreciation and asking him to name the shop Hameedi, after his son.

Check out the Nizam's letter displayed on the wall

I was very excited to taste some Jauzi Halwa, the hero of this story :) It was SOOOO GOOOD - definitely one of the most exotic desserts I have ever had. The texture is just like that of kalakand - dense and slightly chewy, and the halwa is fragrant with saffron and jauzi. It was a completely new flavour for me, because I don't think I had ever eaten anything with jauzi/nutmeg in it before. I also tasted the Badam Halwa, which was equally delicious. I bought some of each to take home for my parents. The salespeople are very sweet and friendly.

Jauzi Halwa
Jauzi Halwa in front, Badam Halwa behind it, and laddoos at the back

Hameedi Confectioners is going to open a second outlet very soon, close to the Nampally exhibition grounds, which will also have mainstream stuff like chaat and baked products. But if you want a bite of history, go to the old one :) And whatever you do, try the Jouzi Halwa, just as the Nizam did, many many years ago :)


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    this is one of my favouritest shops in the world. their gulab jamoons also are to die for!

  2. Recently came to know about it and visited exclusively to get it.

  3. I am intrigued by Jauzi Halwa. It must be good. I would like to try one day!