Aug 21, 2013


If you are not paying attention, you'll drive right past Gunfoundry like you would do with any random building on the street. I went looking for it a couple of times, and once, I went to the very lane it is in, but missed it because I was on the lookout for something a little more impressive. The whole neighborhood is called Gunfoundry, and very few people are aware of this canon, canonball and musket factory built way back in 1786 by Monsieur Raymond, the French General of Hyderabad's second Nizam. 

This morning, I finally found it and had a major #FacePalm moment because 1. it is actually super-easy to locate and I cannot believe it took me this long 2. it is a disappointingly boring building 3. the gate was locked, and the Archaeological Survey of India signboard did not mention any timings, so I could only take a couple of terrible pictures from outside the gate. 4. as I stood outside the gate, I was facing the sun, making my photos even worse.

Keeping this small hoping you wont notice how bad the photo is
This Gunfoundry, also called Top Ka Sancha, was one among many built in the city during that period and is the only one that remains. If you want to see it, it is in the lane right beside the Lepakshi showroom (opposite to the State Bank of Hyderabad) near Abids. There is a small temple right in front of it, so it is very easy to spot.


  1. Very nice that you had taken some snaps...Who knows how long it will remain there surviving the attacks of land sharks...??

    1. Thank you PaddyPal. I don't think we need to worry about it though - it is a protected archaeological monument under ASI.

  2. fascinating... i love how stuff is so boring and random, but suddenly has a history behind it. And if a history buff wants to dig deeper... well who knows what stories you'll find.

  3. This building is boring but the story is interesting!

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  5. You did a wonderful job congratulations for the spirit, love and affection towards our great heritage. In this , field you can do wonders best of luck Md.Zaheeruddin, hyderabad,

  6. hi.. t pix actually looks lovely..sets in its own timely way, thx for sharing.