Sep 27, 2013

Lotus Pond

Some greenery from the Lotus Pond (read about it here) to end the week with :)


  1. Pics are so colourfull. The tiny yellow flowers, I think are called Chinese roses. Ah, the pink flower is really class!! What is it called? My recent acquisition to my terrace garden is a pink lily plant, it has already blessed me with six beautiful blooms. Jayanthi Vijayendran

  2. Lovely pictures.
    My agenda, forgive me, is this - please think about the new roads that are to be built by GHMC. They plan to put in an underground duct for various cables etc-Good!. BUT, please use any influence you have to raise public demand for introducing rainwater harvesting pits along these roads. GHMC plans to put in storm water drains, but if these could incorporate percolation pits at short intervals, our ground water levels will improve.