Jul 14, 2014

Vernacular Architecture In Hyderabad {Day 11}

There are examples of regional/vernacular architecture all over Hyderabad, but not all are as well preserved as this beautiful building in Hussaini Alam.


  1. There was this mansion surrounded by a fortified but low wall built on a huge sheet rock hillock and used to be visible (to the left) from the road when one drove from Moula ali to ECIL. Nowadays, I don't see it. It used to fly a flag too, so the owner must have been living in it.This was until maybe 5 years ago Do you know whose house that is?
    Another haveli no longer visible was to the left in Safilguda as we crossed the railway gate and drove down that road from Neredmet. The gate was visible and some people used to live there.Now I no longer see it.

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Madhu, there are more of such buildings with such cast iron trellis worked balconies in Secunderabad, particularly the MG Road and the RP Road (or what the 'proper' Secunderabadis still prefer to call, Kingsway)....see if you can capture those with your camera before they are gone....also, have you been to the mosque/tomb right at the end of MG Road, on the left side of the road, just before the tank bund approach..(not sure what they call it...i think its Maa Syedaa Masjid / Maqbara or something along those lines, all i can remember is there is a mechanic shop on those grounds too and it is visible form the road....well, very interesting stucco and plasterwork there....