Jul 17, 2014

I See You {Day 13}

At an attar stall outside the Mecca Masjid.


  1. very nice pic of perfumes;
    hi i read all ur blog;nice
    see my blog vilekhari.blogspot.in

  2. Hi! I'm glad to see you've added some new blog posts since I last checked Aadab Hyderabad. I hope you haven't given up posting for good. A Facebook page one could follow would probably help boost the number of visitors.

  3. Khurram Mirza7:53 AM

    Went through all the archives on your blog and they are all wonderful / nostalgic. Thanks a lot for these pictures and they are really beautiful, specially with the peice of history which you add to it.
    BTW- There is a old (but nice) devdi called Hussaini Koti near Charminar, Alijah Kotla in case you plan to visit for some snaps. Its a private property but I am sure they will allow you to take snaps. Anyway keep up the good work its wonderful.